death_certificateMillions of people with Polish origins live all over the world. If your family come from Poland and you wish to find out more about your roots and trace the family history, we are here to help you. Intopoland will gladly provide complex genealogy services and arrange your visit to the homeland of your ancestors.
If you plan to come to Poland and visit places related to your family, it is a good idea to have some research done prior to your arrival. Please contact us and tell us what kind of information you would like to find. The more relevant details you can provide (such as names, dates & places of birth, marriage certificates, religion), the better the chances of a successful research. However, even if you do not have much information or know little about your ancestors, it is always worth to give it a try. Every story is different and we work on each case individually.

ancestorsWe will gladly offer you a range of services:
•    Research in State and church archives, registration offices, local parishes, etc. (we verify uncertain dates and places of birth)
•    Obtaining copies of records on behalf of our clients
•    Translation of documents, letters, records, etc.
•    Help in search for living relatives and organizing family reunions
•    Help to create or complete your family tree
•    Localise graves of the ancestors in Poland
•    Private guided tours to Poland including visits to towns and villages of your ancestors
•    Photography and/or video of your ancestral towns and villages

The cost of the genealogy research depends on the number of documents which have to be analysed, the number of archives which our employee has to visit and on the amount of time we need to reach them (the archives are localised in various Polish cities and towns). To receive an estimated cost of the research and any other information please contact us by e-mail: roots at

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