If you wish to see the only fully authentic Polish aristocratic residence, then you should definitely visit the beautiful Zamoyski Palace in Kozlowka, near Lublin, south-east Poland. Miraculously, it was not destroyed by Nazi Germans or Soviets during World War 2 nor by communists after the war, and preserved its original décor from the turn of 19th and 20th century. Time has stopped here. Fully understandably, the baroque and neoclassical palace-and-park complex in Kozlowka is now one of Poland’s national historic monuments.
The history of this extraordinary place dates back to the first half of 18th century. However, its time of excellence fell on the turn of 19th and 20th century when count Konstanty Zamoyski had it rebuilt and redeveloped. Not only did he order numerous copies of the finest paintings and original works of art, but was also keen to introduce technical novelties. His palace was equipped with modern bathroom, waterworks and sewage system, which was a unique luxury in that period on European scale!
Today, the palace hosts the Zamoyski family museum. Visiting this dream residence though is far more than a museum experience – one has impression of paying a visit to an authentic aristocratic house. The beautifully decorated apartments are furnished with magnificent tile stoves, marble fireplaces, oak parquets, rich collection of paintings, furniture, original porcelain, and countless works of art. The staircase is truly impressive, and so is the palace chapel, resembling the one in Versailles. The most beautiful and representative chamber is the Red Parlour, the biggest (114 sq m) and tallest (9 m!) of all rooms in the palace.
There is one more gem hidden in Kozlowka museum. The palace stables are home to a unique Socialist Realism Art Gallery, the only one in Poland and Europe.  A vast collection of over 1,600 socialist realist sculptures, busts, paintings and posters from 1950s have been gathered here from all over Poland. The collection has been completed with dismounted monuments of comrades and leaders of communist party, among others Lenin and Bierut.
Museum in Kozlowka is open to visitors from 1st April to 30th November. Closed on Monday.

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