Monumental Stone Age tombs

What’s the oldest architectural monument in Poland you have seen? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as old as so called Polish pyramids. A place situated out of the beaten track, not only unknown to the tourists but also to most of the Polish people!

The Wietrzychowice Barrows, also known as the Wietrzychowice Megaliths, are located in central Poland, in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Specifically, they are situated in the village of Wietrzychowice, which is about 10 kilometers northwest of the town of Inowrocław. Another complex of megalithic stone structures is located in Sarnowo, 19km from Wietrzychowice.

megaliths in Poland

The word “megalith” comes from the Greek words “mega” (meaning “large” or “great”) and “lithos” (meaning “stone”). The term is used to refer to large, prehistoric structures that were constructed using massive stones or boulders, often arranged in a circular or horseshoe shape. Megaliths can take many different forms, including standing stones, stone circles, dolmens, and cairns. The most famous megalithic structure is probabably Stonehenge in England. Well, our megalithic tombs in Wietrzychowice and Sarnowo are older than Stonehenge! They are even older than pyramids in Egypt…

The first information about the archeological site in Sarnowo was reported just after the WW2, in 1947. Thanks to the fact, that the area had been covered with the woods , the tombs were relatively well preserved. There are 9 long earthen mounds built in the Middle Neolihtic 3800-3500 years Before Christ. Their length is 50 to 80 meters with a height of up to 3 meters. These mounds were created by piling up earth and stones over the megalithic structures, and they are an impressive sight to behold.

megalithis structures in Europe

The exact purpose of the Wietrzychowice and Sarnowo Barrows is not entirely clear, but they are believed to have been used for ceremonial or religious purposes. Some researchers speculate that they may have been used for burial rites, while others believe that they may have served as astronomical observatories.

If you’re interested in history, archaeology, or just love exploring ancient sites, then the Wietrzychowice Barrows are a must-see destination!