Geotouristic Babina Trail

Last summer my little dream came true and we spend a few days in Muskau Bend Geopark. It doesn’t belong to the most well known tourist attractions in Poland. It’s located over 6 hours non stop drive from Warsaw. It’s … Continue reading

Stolpersteine in Poland

“A person is only forgotten when his or her name is forgotten.” – this is what Talmud states. These words were also the inspiration for the unique, international project initiated by the German artist Gunter Demning. In 1992, in Cologne … Continue reading

Saint Martin’s Croissants

Saint Martin Croissants are unique local croissants for St Martin feast with white poppy-seed filling. They are traditionally baked in Poznan and some regions of Greater Poland on 11 November. On that day we celebrate not only St. Martins Day … Continue reading