Kulmhof – the first German Death Camp

Just a few days past, we marked the poignant anniversary of the initial transportation to Kulmhof on December 8th. On this date, the machinery of genocide was set into motion, with the arrival of the first transport of individuals who, … Continue reading

Biebrza Marshes-a Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Longer days, warmer temperatures and budding flowers are all classic signs of spring. This is also the best time to go birdwatching in Poland, as this is when many species migrate through the country. Spring migration typically starts in late … Continue reading

Muzakowski Park – UNESCO site

Muzakowski Park (also known as Muskau Park) is not an obvious destination if you spend in Poland only a week. Located on the border with Germany, far from major Polish cities is not so easily accesible but here I would … Continue reading

Monumental Stone Age tombs

What’s the oldest architectural monument in Poland you have seen? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as old as so called Polish pyramids. A place situated out of the beaten track, not only unknown to the tourists but also to most … Continue reading

Geotouristic Babina Trail

Last summer my little dream came true and we spend a few days in Muskau Bend Geopark. It doesn’t belong to the most well known tourist attractions in Poland. It’s located over 6 hours non stop drive from Warsaw. It’s … Continue reading

Stolpersteine in Poland

“A person is only forgotten when his or her name is forgotten.” – this is what Talmud states. These words were also the inspiration for the unique, international project initiated by the German artist Gunter Demning. In 1992, in Cologne … Continue reading