In Poland we celebrate the following public holidays (non-working days):

January 1st New Year’s Day
January 6th Epiphany
April 21nd Easter Sunday
April 22nd Easter Monday / “Smigus Dyngus” – on this day young people throw water at each other and have water fights.
May 1st Labour Day
May 3rd Constitution Day
June 19th Corpus Christi
August 15th Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary & Polish Armed Forces Day (celebrating the battle of Warsaw in 1920)
November 1st All Saints’ Day
November 11th Independence Day
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th St. Stephen’s Day

Other holidays and special days:

January 21st Grandmother’s Day
January 22nd Grandfather’s Day
February 14th Saint Valentine’s Day – on this day lovers express their love by sending Valentine’s cards, presenting flowers or small gifts to each other.
February 27 Fat Thursday – a day dedicated to eating sweets and cakes, especially “pączki” – donuts filled with rose marmalade, and “faworki” – crisp pastry fingers sprinkled with powdered sugar
March 4th Shrovetide / “Ostatki” – end of the carnival when big parties are thrown
March 5 Ash Wednesday – beginning of Lent; on this day people go to churches and during a special holy mass have their heads sprinkled with ash as a symbol of penance
March 8th Women’s Day
March 21st Truant’s Day – first day of spring; many students illegally leave lessons and have fun
April 1st April Fools’ Day / Prima Aprilis – on this day people play jokes and hoaxes on each other
May 2nd Flag Day
May 26th Mother’s Day
June 23rd Father’s Day
June 23rd/24th St. John’s Night / “Noc Swietojanska” – beginning of summer; celebration relates to summer solstice when nights are the shortest; there are open-air parties, concerts, barbecues; girls let wreaths with lit candles float on water
June 1st Children’s Day
October 14th Day of National Education / Teacher’s Day
November 30th St. Andrew’s Day / “Andrzejki” – on this day people are making prophecy by pouring candle wax by key hole to water and guessing what the wax shape means and what the nearest future will bring
December 6th St. Nicholas Day / “Mikolajki” – on this day Santa Claus is giving small gifts to children
December 24th Christmas Eve
December 31st New Year’s Eve / “Sylwester” – on the last night of the year we celebrate the coming of a new year