Poland’s long thousand year history has been reflected in its architecture. When travelling across the country it is easy to find examples of buildings and monuments created in different styles. Even though Poland was invaded many times in the past, it still boasts magnificent and precious material heritage. In a journey through different époques, one encounters various treasures: from modest Romanesque and red brick Gothic churches, imposing castles, rich Baroque temples and magnificent palaces, elegant neoclassical houses and mansions, to modern-style 20th century buildings, Communist-era architecture, impressive high-rises… Picture would not be complete without traditional rural architecture, varied sacral structures, industrial factories, engineering achievements, fortifications, etc. Old and new mix together in this fascinating land.

Jawor churchZamoyski Palace in KozlowkaBuczyniecWawel CastleEagle Nests TrailZamosc by nightPalace on the Isle by Anna OstrowskaPoznan by Leszek KozlowskiManufaktura in Lodz by Leszek ZaborowskiRoyal Route in Warsaw by Anna OstrowskaChurch of Peace in Swidnica by Anna OstrowskaSt.Mary's Church in Krakow by Anna OstrowskaTown Hall in Wroclaw by Anna OstrowskaStrzelno churchDunajec CastleNowy SwiatWinter Warsaw in PolandWarsaw Mermaid in Poland by Leszek KozlowskiMalbork Castle in PolandSunflower - Olsztynek by Kamila MichalowskaTown Hall in Torun, Poland by Leszek KozlowskiGdansk by Anna OstrowskaWarsaw Mermaid - PolandSt Alexander Church WarsawSwietokrzyski bridge in Warsaw, PolandLichen sanctuaryGlass fountain in Wroclaw, PolandCloth Hall in Krakow, PolandZalipie villageArkadia park