Poland is famous for its beautiful, unspoiled nature. It is sometimes called the “green lungs of Europe”. Amazing landscapes, golden fields, green forests, blue lakes and crystal-clear rivers, imposing mountains, white beaches and splendid sea… The look of the countryside changes in accordance to the succession of the seasons of the year. It is hard to decide which face of Poland is the most beautiful: fresh and green in spring, sunny and gold in summer, ripe and multicolored in fall or snow-white in winter.
Country’s most valuable and unique areas are under protection. Protection of nature in Poland has a centuries-old tradition. Some of the animal and plant species which have disappeared in other regions thus still exist here. The last fragments of ancient European primeval forests have been preserved, wild big unregulated rivers traverse the country, unusual sand dunes move on the Baltic shore… Discover the beautiful Polish nature!

four-storksBiebrza PolandMeadow PolandSwans  PolandBeskid Mountains - PolandTaraxacum officinaleMeadow - PolandLake in Tatra Mountains PolandMazury - PolandBiskupin lake - PolandForest near Gierloz - Poland, Wolf's LairStorks by Leszek Kozlowski, PolandBedkowska Valley, PolandStolowe Mountains - PolandSand dunes Baltic SeaMasurian Lake by Monika M.Olszewska, Poland