Treblinka is a tiny village located on the Bug river, 100 km from Warsaw. It takes 2 hours by car to get there. During the Second World War this place was chosen by the Nazis for extermination camp. It was established in 1942 within the framework of Operation Reinhard and it existed until 1943. During this period over 800 000 people were murdered there, which makes Treblinka second only to Auschwitz Birkenau in the number of victims.
Nowadays it’s hard to believe that Treblinka was a killing center. Germans wanted to obliterate traces of their crime. Camps buildings were destroyed and the area was ploughed up and planted with lupine. In Treblinka everything is symbolic. This is a thought-provoking place where humanity reached one of its lowest points in history. During Treblinka Tour you will visit the small exhibition devoted to the extermination camp, Memorial recalling the Wailing Wall surrounded by symbolic grave stones, the Gravel Quarries, former penal labour camp (Treblinka I) and the Execution Site.

Duration: 5 hours

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