Wolf’s Lair is an English name for Wolfschanze, a historical place located in the Masurian woods. It is Hitler’s most well-known field headquarters where he spent over 800 days during World War 2. This is also the place of the failed assassination attempt on his life that took place in 1944.
The complex of 80 buildings was built in 1941. There are 50 well-camouflaged bunkers, some with even 6 meters thick walls. In January 1944 it was blew up by the Germans and a few months earlier Hitler left Wolf’s Lair as the Red Army approached. Nowadays bunkers remains attract visitors from the around world. During our Wolf’s Lair Tour you will have a great chance to discover this fascinating place.
Our driver will pick you up from requested place in Warsaw and local guide will help you discover the area of Wolf’s Lair.

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Duration: 1 day

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Included: Transportation as above, private driver, private guide, entrance fee, VAT.

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