Lower Silesia region still seems to remain a bit undiscovered. Unjustly! It may be located in the fringes of Poland but it is undoubtedly an important area deserving attention and time. The region is diverse and has been influenced by many cultures. Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia, is bound to amaze you. And so are the other gems of the region which you can visit on half day or day tours from Wroclaw. Those interested in history of the second world war will find noteworthy proposals for further trips to such places as Auschwitz camp, Lambinowice camp, Riese Complex or Miedzyrzecz Reinforced Region. There is something interesting for everyone!

Walking Tour of Wroclaw
Our guided walk through the charming streets of Wroclaw’s Old Town is a good introduction to the history of the city. You will see the main attractions such as medieval town hall, Ostrow Tumski or Aula Leopoldina.Read more
 Streets of Wroclaw
Lower Silesia Tour
One of our favourite destinations. Still undiscovered, mysterious and amazing. This time we would like to invite you to Ksiaz Castle, Church of Peace in Swidnica and Riese Complex.Read more
 Swidnica Church
Lambinowice Tour
We are one of few tour operators offering day tours to Lamsdorf Camp (once Stalag VIII-B). You will visit Central Museum of Prisoners of War and the site of Remembrance.
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 Prisoners of War Camp in Lamsdorf
Auschwitz Tour from Wroclaw
A full day tour of the Nazis’ biggest extermination camp. Learn about the tragic history of this unique place where more than 1 000 000 human lives were lost.Read more
 Auschwitz Birkenau
Riese Complex Tour
A must-do for anyone interested in World War II history. Located in Owl Mountains, complex of underground tunnels and factories built by German Nazis is still shrouded in mystery.
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 Undergrounds in Owl Mountains