Brewery in ZywiecAre you a beer enthusiast? Would you like to see how it is being made? Now you’ve got a great opportunity to visit a brewery and watch beer production!
Brewing traditions in Poland date back to the medieval times. For the last couple dozen of years Polish beer has been winning recognition for its high quality and unique taste both in Poland and abroad. Now, some of the most renowned breweries in the country have opened their gates for visitors.

A visit to a brewery not only will give you an insight into the beer production process, but you will also get a chance to watch some beer-related exhibits and enjoy your time in an extraordinary interactive centre. Every tour is crowned with beer tasting!

LECH Visitors Centre – Poznan Brewery

LECH Visitors Centre is located in a modern building at the Poznan brewery. A tour of the brewery combines a classic sightseeing with a visit to an unusual multimedia centre. In the brewhouse the huge copper tubs and vats are presented, as well as the fermenting cellar with the gigantic can-shaped constructions painted “Lech green”. The packaging floor makes big impression on the visitors, where 17 bottles and 27 cans are being filled within a single second. The multimedia centre gives the opportunity to play beer games or become a beer constructor and offers many more attractions. The tours of around 2 hours are guided by the brewery’s employees – genuine experts in the art of brewing. All beer lovers are welcome!

TYSKIE Browary Ksiazece & TYSKIE Brovarium – Tychy Brewery

Tradition of brewing in Tyskie Browary Ksiazece goes back almost four hundred years. Located in a building of a former Evangelical chapel Tyskie Brovarium presents a collection of exhibits related to the craft of brewing beer. The program of the tour (approx. 2,5 hours) includes a visit at the brewery and the museum, a 3D film screening presenting the history of the brewery and multimedia attractions. Guests can play beer games, take part in a beer quiz or send an electronic postcard from the interactive barrel. The tour ends with tasting of the Tyskie beer. Tyskie Brovarium is a must visit attraction for the admirers of the hoppy flavor, golden color and thick white head of its beer.

ZYWIEC Brewery Museum

In this extraordinary interactive museum visitors get the opportunity to actively learn the 150-years history and the present of Zywiec brewery. Passing the oak gate of the museum one “shifts to distant times” and observes the changes that have taken place during the centuries of beer production. Successive chambers conceal among others the reconstruction of a 19th century town street and an inn or a restored Zywiec Restaurant with Art Déco interior from 1920s. Last chambers present the latest history of the company and the collection of beer-related exhibits. After a pint or two of Zywiec beer tasted in the brewery pub the time comes for a visit to a souvenir shop. At all times tour guides are available to the visitors offering an expert comment.

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