Polish Jura Chain is situated in the south-central part of Poland. Jurassic landscape is very diversified. You will find there limestone rocks, caves, hills and valleys as well as extensive panoramas and sandy dunes. The area is very attractive to rock climbers, hikers and cyclists. Major attractions of the Polish Jura Chain:

Ojcowski National Park is the smallest Polish park of this kind but it’s truly charming place. You will find there limestone cliffs and canyons up to 120 m deep. There is also the Lokietek Cave which according to the legend used to be a shelter of the Polish king Wladyslaw Lokietek in 14th century.

Kobylanska and Bedkowska Valleys are favourite destination for rock climbers. Both provide scenic views and seem to be a fairyland.

Bledowska Desert is unique on a European scale. In 19th century it covered area of 80 km2. Nowadays it’s only 32 km2 and it is getting successively smaller. During the Second World War Bledowska Desert was used by German Afrika Korps as the training ground.

Eagle Nests Trail consists of 25 medieval castles and their ruins. The route is 163 km long and most of the castles are dated to 14th century. A few of them are especially interesting: Pieskowa Skala, Ogrodzieniec and Olsztyn. Castles are usually picturesque situated and their romanticism is unparalleled.

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