Roztocze area is situated on the territory of two states: Poland in Ukraine. It’s a picturesque range of low and gently rolling hills rising from the Lublin Upland and extending southeastward into Ukraine. Roztocze lies also on watershed of the Baltic and Black sees. Its area is crisscrossed with streams and rivers. Roztocze provides truly scenic views to all the nature-lovers out there. Thanks to diversified landscape you will find there ravines and waterfalls as well as rocks, hills and valleys.

In 1974 national park was established in Central Roztocze. The park has its headquarters in Zwierzyniec. The history of Roztocze is closely connected with the Zamoyski Estate and in Zwierzyniec you can still see administration buildings of those times. Zwierzyniec means ZOOtown and to understand the origin of this name you need to know that in 16-th century Jan Zamoyski established a private zoo there. You will not find it there any longer but it’s still charming and peaceful place.
In 1982 descendants of the wild forest horse (the Polish pony) were introduced into the Park (nowadays there is a breeding center in Florianka). The Polish pony is genetically very close to extinct tarpan.

Man and nature coexist in harmony there. This is also the area where you will find catholic churches (eg. charming church on the water in Zwierzyniec), synagogues (eg. quite well preserved synagogue in Zamosc) and Orthodox churches (eg. wooden Orthodox Church in Wola Wielka). Diversity of culture and nature is characteristic for this part of Poland. A big number of cycling routes and hiking trails will enable you to fully enjoy the beauty of the Roztocze region.

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