Crystal glassworksPolish crystal glassworks enjoy good reputation worldwide. Majority of artistic glass production is exported abroad. Now, we offer you a unique opportunity to enter the world of crystal. “Julia” Crystal Glassworks tour is more than a factory visit. It gives you a behind-the-scene look at how masters of glasswork bring glass to life and create beautiful crystal objects.
“Julia” Crystal Glassworks is the oldest manufactory of its kind in Karkonosze, located in Lower Silesia region, south–west Poland. Its history goes back to the 19th century. At the beginning, it produced chandeliers’ parts and crystal mirrors, and soon started to produce coloured and crystal glass, ornamented with paintings, gildings, polishings and engravings.
The factory tour follows each stage of the glass making process. You will see traditional manufacturing of crystal, blowing and furnace, and manual cutting process. The last stages involve sculpting and engraving, demanding a lot of precision and skill. All work is done in a traditional way, with the use of wooden molds and hand tools.
After the tour pay a visit to the retail store, where crystal pieces of art are displayed. Explore the beautiful and shining exhibition of elegant glasses, carafes, goblets, and various other exquisite articles. Very unique products are here on sale, available at producer’s price.
To take a little rest, drop in at Crystal Café and let yourself be seduced by coffee aroma and delicious desserts. Refreshing drinks are served in original crystal glasses! The café is a great place to relax after the exploration throughout the magic world of crystal.

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