Dunajec River Gorge is situated in the south of Poland. Dunajec is the border river between Poland and Slovakia in this area and it runs through the Pieniny Mountains offering magnificent views.
The most popular way of Gorge sightseeing is a raft trip organized by local highlanders but you can also climb Sokolica Mountain (747 m) and enjoy fabulous view from the top. The rafting course is 18 km long and it’s surrounded by limestone cliffs plunging into the water reach up to 300 m in height.

Gorge is a part of Pieniny National Park established in 1932. The most famous peak is Trzy Korony (982 m) which literally means Three Crowns, after the characteristic three summits.
While visiting Gorge you shouldn’t miss the Niedzica Castle in the Dunajec Valley. It was originally erected in 14th century on the hill. Nowadays it’s surrounded by artificial lake and it’s one of the most picturesque spots in Poland. On the other side of the lake ruins of medieval Czorsztyn castle are located.

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