European stork village in PolandPentowo is a settlement situated between the Narew and the Biebrza National Parks in Eastern Poland. It’s widely known as a stork village. Its amazing story began in 1992 when a hurricane occurred there. Storks began to build their nests on the top of broken trees but also in all available places such as roofs and electricity posts. With some help of local people they managed to construct 23 nests. Stork is a good indicator of ecosystem health. Surrounding meadows are rich in insects and frogs what is very important in view of the fact that a stork family needs about 200-250 kilograms of food in one season.

In 2001 Pentowo was honoured with a prestigious title of the European Village of Storks. Since then every year it’s visited by thousands of tourists from the whole world. There are almost 160 thousand of stork couples living all over the world and ca. 44 thousands of them have their nests in Poland. Every year storks have to cover a distance of 10 thousand kilometers to come back to Poland from Africa. They usually appear at the end of March and they stay until Autumn.

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