Bialowieza National Park is the oldest Polish park and it protects the last primeval forest in Europe. It’s located on the border of Poland and Belarus. European bison is its symbol. Bialowieza forest was the place where the last wildlife bisons died in 1919. In 1929 Poland bought 2 bulls (from Sweden) and a cow (from Germany) and this way bisons returned to Bialowieza but until 1952 they remained in breeding stations. In 1952 first bisons were released into the wild. You can meet them while walking around Bialowieza forest but you can also pay a visit at the Reserve of European Bisons.

The National Park has been inducted into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1977. Bialowieza is very interesting however not only because of bisons. While staying there you can visit the Site of Power hidden in the forest. It is said to be a source of positive energy. The village of Bialowieza lies on the edge of the forest and from 1888 to 1917 it belonged to tsar of Russia. In these times Bialowieza forest again became a royal hunting reserve as it used to be hundreds years earlier for Polish and Lithuanian kings.

The Orthodox St. Nicholas Church is the monument of those times. It was built under the reign of Alexander III of Russia. You shouldn’t also miss the Royal Oaks Route which is a natural historic pathway. There is a group of oaks aged within 150 and 500 years and named after the kings of Lithuania and Poland. According to the legend this place is supposed to be Wladyslaw Jagiello hunting manor.

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