christmas_ornamentChristmas in Poland is celebrated in a traditional and very festive way. One of the indispensable elements being found in every house during this special time is a Christmas tree decorated with various ornaments and illuminated by shining lights. Colorful and bright Christmas tree balls are one of the most common decorations. However, common does not always mean ordinary.

The history of the balls dates back to the 19th century. First Christmas tree balls were invented and produced in Germany. Soon they were introduced to Poland and nowadays Poland has become a leading producer of these ornaments in the world. They are being exported to the USA, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of South Africa.

Christmas tree balls are usually made of thin glass. They are often handcrafted and silver-plated from the inside. They come in various shapes, forms and colors, from simple round balls to highly artistic designs.

Polish Christmas tree balls are being manufactured mostly in small family-run factories. Some of them open their doors for visitors and even invite them to join in and create their own balls. Finely decorated beautiful Christmas balls are genuine little works of art and are a great and original idea for a gift.

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