European bisons in PolandBialowieza Primeval Forest is a remnant of the great lowland forests that once covered most of Europe. This area is actually the last place in Europe where one can still see the unspoiled natural woods. Bialowieza Forest covers around 150 582 hectares of which 62 219 hectares are in Poland and the rest stretches behind the Belarusian border. There is a great variety of plant and animal life. Many species are rare and need to be especially protected. This is the paradise for ornithologists as around 250 species of birds nest there. Bialowieza is also known as the place where the European Bison was saved from extinction. It was here where the last wildlife bisons died in 1919 and where they have been reintroduced in 1952. Now bison is a symbol of Bialowieza Forests.

Already in the 15th century this area was highly valued by Polish and Lithuanian kings as a perfect hunting ground. Since 1932 it has been protected as a National Park and in 1977 it was included by UNESCO on the World Biosphere list. Part of the Park is under strict protection and it can be entered only with a licensed guide.

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