Stolowe Mountains are situated in south-western Poland, on the border with the Czech Republic. Fairy-liked landscape of this area started to form over 70 million years ago and it’s known for its unusual eroded sandstone formations. The variety of the rock formations is amazing. In 1993 National Park was established there. Within its borders there are a few separated rock massifs. Two of them are especially interesting.
One of them is Szczeliniec Wielki (919 m), the highest peak of the Stolowe Mountains. You will find there magnificent rock forms resembling animal profiles (eg. camel, hen, elephant or mammoth), castle towers or mushrooms. To reach the top of Szczeliniec Wielki you need to cover 680 steps made of stone but breathtaking views compensate the physical effort. Another highlight of the Stolowe Mountains is Bledne Skaly reserve (the Errant Rocks). Years of erosion sculptured single rocks and a system of narrow corridors which all together create fantastic rock labyrinth there. It’s absolutely fabulous. The area of the Errant Rocks is unique and it’s under strict protection.

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