The old city of Zamosc was inscribed on the UNESCO list in 1992 as a perfect example of the late 16th century Renaissance town. It was designed on the model of Padua according to the conception of the “ideal city” by the architect Bernando Morando. The spatial layout of Zamosc has remained almost unchanged over the past 430 years. The town has partially preserved its original fortifications and numerous Renaissance burgher houses with the characteristic shadowy arcades. For all these reasons Zamosc is an extraordinary achievement in architecture and urban design and is often called the “pearl of the Renaissance”.

The Great Market belongs to one of the most beautiful in Europe and is dominated by magnificent Baroque Town Hall with its fan-shaped stairs. Just next to the market square you will find Jewish synagogue. It was built at the beginning of 17th century and is the most splendid Renaissance synagogue in Poland. Another place worth visiting is the Zamosc Cathedral. Its interior includes numerous paintings and Renaissance decorations. The cathedral is a precious gem of sacral architecture in Poland. Among the other monuments are the Academy of Zamosc, the Arsenal containing a collection of weapon and the Rotunda where over 8000 people were murdered by the Nazis during World War II.

It is impossible to escape the history in Zamosc but it is also a great place for rest and relaxed walks. If you haven’t been there yet, visiting Zamosc will be a pleasant experience.

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