Boleslawiec potteryBoleslawiec Pottery (Bunzlau Ceramics) is renowned for the highest quality, original style and unique design. The beautiful handmade blue and white dishes decorated with patterns in the form of dots, twigs, flowers etc. have become famous worldwide. Thanks to the high standards of manufacture the Boleslawiec Pottery not only is elegant and functional but is also hard, scratch and chip resistant and extremely durable.

The tradition of making pottery in Bolesławiec region (Lower Silesia) goes back several hundred years. The development of the ceramic industry was possible and worthwhile thanks to the natural wealth of clay and ceramic minerals as well as the strategic location of the town on the national and international trading routs to Berlin, Prague, Dresden and Wroclaw. At first, simple beer and wine mugs were produced, together with jugs, bowls and vases. In the 18th century coffee and tea services gained more popularity. With time, process technology improved and the forms, shapes and decorations became more sophisticated. Nowadays, several factories operate in Boleslawiec producing handmade and hand-decorated tableware and kitchenware combining pottery tradition with modern trends. Some workshops are open for visitors giving you the unique opportunity to view and personally experience the process of creating these works of art of Polish tradition.

The best time to visit Boleslawiec is during the Pottery Holiday. Every summer (at penultimate weekend of August) a famous pottery fair attracts many tourists from Poland and abroad. Numerous exhibitors present their products at Boleslawiec Market Square. You can admire colourful parades and displays, taste good cuisine or take part in pottery making workshops. It is a perfect opportunity to purchase these hand crafted ceramic treasures.

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