Mazury lake disctrictThe Land of the Great Masurian Lakes is a lake district located in northeastern Poland. It was shaped by the Pleistocene ice age and occupies an area of 52,000 km2. Region of Masuria contains over 4,000 lakes and it’s widely known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes. The largest lake is Sniardwy (114 km2) and the deepest – Czarna Hancza (108 m). Most of lakes are linked with rivers and canals forming very good conditions for sailing. This is a sailing paradise but it’s also a perfect area for cycling, hiking, fishing, kayaking and discovering historical highlights.
Major attractions of the Masurian Lakes:

  • The Luknajno Reserve is one of the largest breeding grounds of mute swan in Europe. Every year around 1,000 swan couples nest there. In 1977 Luknajno lake was inscribed in UNESCO’s list of Biosphere Reserves.
  • Wolf’s Lair was Hitler’s main headquarters during the Second World War. Hitler spent there ca. 800 days between 1941 and 1944 and it’s especially famous for assassination attempt against him.
  • Open-air ethnographic museum in Olsztynek is one of the oldest objects of this type in Europe. You will find there regional old houses equipped with original appliances from 19th century, farm outbuildings, mills and granaries.

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